Tips on Buying CBD Buds or Flowers

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December 28, 2021

The supply of CBD buds in Spain

The supply of CBD buds in Spain is growing rapidly, with new producers appearing every day offering their CBD buds or flowers on the market. CBD buds are having a very good response in our country, which translates into a greater number of consumers of this type of product. To meet this growing demand for CBD flowers, many producers are appearing who are exclusively dedicated to growing marijuana buds with high CBD content, but not everything is as easy and simple as it seems.

Growing high quality cbd buds with THC percentages below 2% is no easy task. First of all you need to find the right genetics for this type of cannabis and then you need to know how to grow these delicate plants to get exactly the results you want.

Practical tips to identify high quality CBD buds

CBD producers have managed to obtain extraordinary results when growing CBD marijuana, in the best cases we obtain a final result that at first glance is indistinguishable from traditional marijuana, even for the most experienced consumers. Unfortunately there are still growers on the market who sell CBD buds of a poor quality as a high quality product, this article will help you to identify high quality CBD flowers.

Common characteristics of high quality CBD buds

There are a number of common characteristics of high quality buds that will help us to identify them relatively easily. Below we will analyse the main factors and characteristics to take into account in order to identify high quality CBD buds.

How to tell the difference between good and bad quality buds

Aroma is one of the main characteristics of a high quality cannabis bud. If the marijuana is of good quality, the abundance of terpenes makes the aroma intense and pleasant. Smell is not usually deceiving, a marijuana that lacks aroma will not be of good quality and we will be dissatisfied with the product.

Appearances can be deceiving, but in the case of marijuana this is not usually the case. The buds should have a voluminous and robust appearance and should also be perfectly manicured and coloured with pistils and trichomes.

Colour is another key factor in distinguishing between good and bad quality buds. As a general rule, good quality buds tend to be greenish to purple in colour. It is advisable to avoid buds that are too brown or yellow.

The buds covered with trichomes is another indisputable sign of quality. We can use a magnifying glass or simply take a photo and enlarge it to check the existence of the so coveted trichomes.

The correct maturation is another fundamental factor and it is usually checked through the existence of pistils with orange, brown and purple tones.

Finally, the buds must have been properly dried. Drying is the last step in the production chain, but it is no less important. Crunchy, sticky buds are usually an indication of good drying.

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