CBD Flowers

What are CBD Cannabis Buds?

The term “CBD cannabis buds” refers to flowers or inflorescences produced by female cannabis plants with high CBD content.  CBD buds are also called “cbd flowers”, the main difference between CBD Flowers and regular cannabis is the THC %.

What is the difference between a CBD bud and a normal marijuana bud?

The main difference between CBD buds is that they contain very low levels of THC. CBD buds that are legally sold and bought in the European Union must contain less than 0.2% THC. This means that CBD buds do not have any psychoactive effects, even though they look and taste very much like normal marijuana buds.

There is basically one big difference between CBD flowers and the regular cannbis buds. Regular cannabis contains relatively high THC levels (psychoactive compound) and low levels of CBD. CBD flowers on the other hand contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC (it is worth mentioning that there is no such thing as a CBD flower completely free of THC).

What types of CBD flowers are there?

As with normal marijuana buds we can distinguish many different types of CBD buds. Mainly we can differentiate cbd buds according to their strain and the cultivation process.

Types of CBD flowers according to their Strain:

Predominantly Sativa Strains

General Characteristics:

  • Rather tall stature
  • Slower flowering
  • Characteristic effects: Cerebral stimulation
  • Narrower leaves
  • Origin: Equatorial zones – Thailand, South India, Jamaica, Mexico, etc.

Predominantly Indica Strains

General Characteristics:

  • Medium to short stature with conical shape
  • Faster flowering
  • Characteristic effects: Body relaxation
  • Wider leaves
  • Origin: Central Asia and Indian Subcontinent

Types of CBD flowers according to cultivation type



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Where can we buy CBD flowers or buds?

There are a large number of shops where we can buy CBD flowers. The first option would be to go to our nearest specialised CBD dispensary where we are sure they can advise us directly.

We can also do an online search and place our order easily and conveniently to have the CBD buds sent to our home.


What should we take into account when buying CBD buds?

There are many factors to consider when buying CBD buds or flowers. We recommend taking a look at our article “Tips for buying CBD buds”. Below we will list some of the most important factors to consider when buying CBD buds:

CBD concentration
Type of crop
Origin of the CBD flowers
Genetics of the plants
Brand reputation

    How to identify quality CBD cannabis buds?

    There are many types of CBD cannabis buds on the market but not all of them are of high quality. Below we will explain the characteristic traits that the best cbd buds tend to share.

    • Aroma: Smell is not usually deceiving, an intense and rich aroma is always a good indicator of quality.
    • Appearance: Another key point is appearance. The buds should have a voluminous and robust appearance.
    • Colour: The colour of the buds is also indicative of quality, cbd buds are usually greenish to purple in colour.
    • Trichomes: The buds covered with trichomes is another indisputable sign of quality. We can use a magnifying glass or simply take a photo and enlarge it to check for the existence of the much coveted trichomes.
    • Maturation: The correct maturation is another fundamental factor and it is usually checked through the existence of pistils with orange, brown and purple tones.
    • Drying: Finally, the buds must have been properly dried. Drying is the last step in the production chain but is no less important. Crunchy and sticky buds are usually an indication of good drying.
    What are the best brands to buy CBD flowers?

    There are many brands that market cbd buds but not all of them are recommended. Below you will find the 3 best CBD bud brands according to the experts at CBD Cogollos. 

    Top 3 CBD Flowers 

    The 3 Best CBD Shops to buy CBD Flowers

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