CBD Cannabis Seeds

Origins of CBD Seeds 

CBD is one of the many components that have always been present in the cannabis plant. Due to the beneficial health properties of this component many seed banks started to develop what have been called “CBD Seeds” or “CBD Rich Marijuana Seeds”. These seeds have been created with the aim of producing high CBD contents.

As a result of the emergence of cbd seeds, we have obtained what we could call a new generation of “legal marijuana”. This type of CBD marijuana is characterised by its high cannabidiol content and its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Buy CBD Cannabis Seeds

Buying marijuana seeds with high CBD content is one of the best options for regular consumers of CBD marijuana. These types of seeds have become very popular with the rise of “legal marijuana” also known as CBD marijuana. CBD Marijuana Seeds are ordinary marijuana seeds with the special feature that they produce marijuana with high CBD content.

CBD-rich marijuana seeds are highly prized for their therapeutic properties and medicinal value, and anything between 10-20% CBD is generally considered a high CBD percentage.

Below we are going to analyse the main doubts that may arise when buying CBD marijuana seeds:

Where to buy CBD seeds?

There are a large number of shops where we can buy CBD seeds. The first option would be to go to your nearest growshop or dispensary specialising in CBD, where we are sure they will be able to advise you directly.

We can also do an online search and place our order easily and conveniently to have the CBD seeds sent to our home.

What should we take into account when buying CBD Seeds?

There are several factors to consider when buying CBD seeds, below we will list the most important ones:

  • CBD and THC concentration
  • Seed Type
  • Flowering time
  • Genetics of the seeds
  • Price
  • Brand Reputation
What types of CBD seeds are there?

As with traditional cannabis seeds, there are many different types of CBD seeds.  Click here to read more information about the types of CBD cannabis seeds. Below you will find a list of the different types of CBD Marijuana seeds that exist:

  • Feminized CBD Seeds
  • Regular CBD Seeds
  • CBD Bulk Seeds
  • Autoflowering CBD Seeds
  • Sativa CBD Seeds
  • CBD Indica Seeds
  • CBD Hybrid Seeds
What are the best CBD seed brands?

There are many brands that sell cbd seeds but not all of them are recommendable. Below you will find the 3 best CBD seed brands according to the experts at CBD Cogollos.

Top 3 CBD Seeds 

The 3 Best CBD Seed Brands 

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