CBD Hash

Origins of CBD hashish

Hashish has a long history with origins in Arab cultures, where it has been used and manufactured ages ago. With the emergence of the “CBD boom” and the legalisation of CBD-rich products, the first “CBD resins” or “CBD hash” appeared.

CBD hash is obtained by extracting the resin from CBD buds. There are many different types and formats of CBD hash, depending on the plants and the extraction process used.

Purchasing CBD hash

CBD-rich hashish has become popular in recent years thanks to its low psychoactive effects and high therapeutic properties due to its high CBD content. Nowadays we can find cbd hashish in the vast majority of growshops and cbd dispensaries.

If we search online we will find a huge amount of online CBD shops selling CBD hashish in Spain. Below we are going to analyse the main questions that may arise when buying CBD hashish.

Where can we buy CBD resins or CBD hash?

There are a large number of shops where we can buy CBD resins. The first option would be to go to your nearest specialised CBD dispensary where we are sure they can advise you directly on which resin to buy.

We can also do an online search and place our order easily and conveniently to have our CBD hashish delivered to our home.


What should we be aware of when buying CBD resins?

There are several factors to consider when buying CBD resins or hash, the most important of which are listed below:

  • CBD concentration
  • Method of extraction
  • Hemp source
  • Price
  • Brand reputation
What types of CBD resins are there?

As with traditional hashish, there are many different types of CBD hashish. The different varieties depend mainly on the origin of the raw material and the extraction process used to make it.
Here are some of the main CBD hash strains currently on the market:

  • CBD Charas
  • CBD Pollen Hash
  • CBG Pollen Hashish
  • Bourbouka CBD Hash
  • Afghan CBD Hash
What are the best brands to buy CBD resins or CBD Hash?

There are many brands that market cbd resins but not all of them are trust worthy. Below you will find the 3 best CBD resin brands according to the experts at CBD Cogollos.

Top 3 CBD Hash

Top 3 Shops to buy CBD Hash

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